CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program

To help improve in-person program participant retention for the CDC's National Diabetes Prevention Program I helped develop a series of interactive tools now used nationwide. As a part of the project I explored two different approaches to reaching the same goal.

Approach One

Weekly Interactive Experiences

A series of interactive quizzes and pledges that build on in-class learning that participants did that week.


Approach Two

Companion App

A companion app for the NDPP program that participants use to both track their progress and study program materials.


Project details

A series of interactive tools used nationwide to assist participants in CDC's National Diabetes Prevention Program.


Center for Disease Prevention and Control's (CDC) National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP)


My Role

Creative Direction. Art Direction.

Project Tasks


Art Direction: Fabio Bolzan
Project Management: Jerold Williams
Account Management: Lauren Salay
Web Development: Hybrid Studios


Concept One - Weekly Interactive Experiences

Example Pledge

Example Quiz

Concept Two - Companion App

Use Cases

Feature Set

On-boarding User Flow

Live Prototype

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